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Here you will find some of my favorite tried-and-true products, tools, and resources that I personally use and recommend to my clients. 


Your Lab Work

Become Your Own Health Detective

Order Online, 4000+ Locations, View Results Online

Save 50-80%
Full, Comprehensive Thyroid Panel
IgE & IgG Food Allergy/Sensitivity Options
Nutrient Panel
Inflammatory Markers
Cholesterol & Heart Health
Hormones & Stress
Sugar & Diabetes Screening
and more!

(not available in NY, NJ, RI or MD)

personal Labs

Your Health In Your Hands

Online Lab Testing & Telemedicine Services

Thyroid / Parathyroid
Autoimmune Disorders / Arthritis
Digestive Disorders
Nutrition & Vitamins
Metals & Poisoning
Cancer Screening
and more!

(not available in NY, NJ or RI)



Professional-Grade Supplements

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Discover my top recommendations for:

Bone Health
Cortisol (Stress)
Digestive Support
Immune Support
Liver Detoxing

Vitev water

Natural Alkaline Mineral Water

Balance Your pH Naturally

After learning the importance of alkalinity in the body, I went on a mission to find a source of healthy water for my family. With all the additives in tap water, the dangers of bottled water, and the hassle of faucet filters, we decided on this wonderful product two years ago and have never looked back.

Health Benefits

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global healing center

Live Healthy

All natural, Non-GMO, Vegan Friendly

Hard-to-find supplements for cleansing
and detoxing the system. My favorite source
for Vitamin D3, B12, Selenium and Iron.


Harnessing the Elements

CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®

This is where I get my main supply of essential oils. They carry a large selection – from Aborvitae to Ylang Ylang.


Essante' Organics

Reducing Toxicity One Product at a Time

100% Toxic Chemical Free, USDA Cert Organic

Essante’ is my go-to source for deodorant, toothpaste, laundry soap, hand soap, sanitizer, supplements, probiotics & enzymes, Super Reds/Greens Powder, mascara & eye liner.

pH Balanced and Wildcrafted
Organic Essential Oils
Vitamins & Supplements
Weight Loss
100% ToxicFree Daily-use products for your
Home, Health, Beauty, Baby